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AluCore Poly Shutters Orlando is a hit among the homeowners who yearn for aesthetically beautiful yet practical window covering they are far more superior than the traditional wood shutters – AluCore Poly Shutters are 70% more energy efficient. In comparison to aluminum shutters, AluCore Poly shutters offer 1600% more energy efficient.

Louver sizes we offer range from 2.5” – 3.5” – 4.5” depending upon your requirements and convenience. With technology advancing day by day, we now offer our customers frame styles – L frame, Z frame, craftsman frame, decorative frame and yes we offer window coverings for specially designed windows like arched, skylights, octagon etc.

What is so special about AluCore Poly Shutters?
AluCore Poly Shutters are manufactured using solid engineered wood substitute that makes it resilient to cracking or chipping even when put on windows that receive too much sun rays. Even the colors do not fade or split as they are paint baked using UV stabilizers.

AluCore Poly Shutters Orlando even sun-block the rays and thus works as a protective shield for your flooring and furnishings. Using them makes your room cool and accounts for 45% less heat transfer. So, you save huge on bills.


As we make all our AluCore Poly Shutters here in U.S., so you can be sure of the quality. Serving Orlando for more than 18 years, AluCore Poly Shutters Orlando has been a popular choice. You can ask for colors – white, off white and bright white and well the finishes you get are smooth and wood grain.

So, if you are interested in getting AluCore Poly Shutters for your windows, Visit our showroom in Casselberry for extensive collection of window coverings or call for a free in-home expert consultation wherein our experts would help you choose the best window treatment for your space.

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