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Premium Faux Wood Blinds 2″ $144.00 $164.00 $  95.00
Premium Wood Blinds 2″  $196.00  $206.00 $143.00
Measuring / Estimate Blinds   $ 35.00  $ 50.00  F R E E
Installation Blinds  $118.00 $118.00  F R E E
  Example: Pricing depending on the SQF you order
Poly Shutters  $ 10,600 $ 9800 $ 5980 AluCore Poly
Poly Shutters  $26.50 per SQF. $24.50 per SQF.  $18.20 per SQF*.
      installation included*
Alu Core Poly Shutters – – – – –  – – – – –  Discounted $14.95*
  Aluminum reinforced no add. cost for framing – installation included*
Composite wood Shutters – – – – –  – – – – –  $19.95 per SQF.
      installation included*
Wood Shutters painted $31.00 per SQF.  $27.00 per SQF. $21.95 per SQF.
      installation included*
Wood Shutters stained  $36.00 per SQF.  $30.50 per SQF.  $25.95 per SQF. 
      installation included*
Actual prices may vary. Prices for Blinds are based on 60″ x 60″ size.
* Gator Blinds SQF. pricing for Shutters is offered depending on the SQF. you order  

ALU CORE Poly Shutters with Traditional Wood, Synthetic Vinyl and Regular Poly Shutters
ALU CORE Poly Shutters comparison

ALU CORE Poly Shutters superiority over traditional shutters:

ALU CORE Poly Shutters

  • is not your usual cheap and inferior “poly” or synthetic “wood”
  • is a high-tech, strong and resilient material
  • is perfect for the construction of high quality shutters
  • is waterproof and don’t absorb moisture
  • has a high quality painted finish and don’t need to be repainted
  • has an aluminum core on stiles and louvers
  • louvers are straight, never flex or bend and are thinner than wooden or synthetic
  • thinness and non warping allow for greater light control and temperature insulation
  • are considerably less expensive than traditional wooden shutters
  • are temperature stabilized, heat and steam resistant
  • are particularly suitable in kitchens and bathrooms
  • has a “V-0 fire rating” – the highest you can get
  • allows them to be used in commercial buildings over three stories
  • high-tech paint finish allows for easy cleaning; abrasive cleaners should be avoided
  • is generally only a two-week delivery from the time of ordering
  • require less regular maintenance even when used as exterior shutters

ALU CORE Poly Shutters superiority over V i n y l:

Vinyl Shutters

  • Vinyl is generally hollow
  • is less rigid and has a very low insulating value
  • does not lock out bright lights due to its hollow construction
  • has that cheap look and feel
  • vinyl louvers are very flimsy which gives away its poor quality
  • are often made of plastic that degrade in sunlight causing their short life and early failure
  • become discolored over time due to exposure to sunlight.

ALU CORE Poly Shutters advantages over Regular Poly Shutters – no Wood

Regular Poly Shutters are Poly Shutters without reinforced Aluminum

  • No reinforced aluminum core like used within ALU CORE Poly Shutters construction
  • No reinforced aluminum core allow only smaller width of the louver
  • smaller width of panels which has less view of the outside
  • Most Regular Poly Shutters will not be more than 28 inches wide
  • ALU CORE Poly Shutters panel widths can be constructed – width of up to 36″
  • Regular Poly Shutters constructions are usually glued.
  • ALU CORE Poly Shutters construction using bolt and screws allows for easy replacement
  • Regular Poly Shutters use rubber flaps that degrade and obstruct the mechanism

With the ever increasing danger of unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, it is useful to realize that ALU CORE construction shutters can still be used on the outside of buildings. There are various limitations to their use which are typical to exterior shutters.

How to Save Big Money on Plantation Shutters
Insider Tips for Buying Shutters Pay a Little….Get a Lot

Plantation Shutters


How about
Costco®, Lowes® and Home Depot®?

They all sell shutters.
You would believe they sell them for less.
However you would be incorrect.
Shutters you can buy from Gator Blinds® for
$18.36‐$25 per square foot
sells at Costco®, Lowes® or Home Depot® for $25‐$35 per square foot.

Shutter Education
What’s the Difference Between
Real Wood and Faux Wood?
About 15 years ago we started to see shutters being manufactured from synthetic materials like polymers
and foams. It used to be shutters were
built by craftsmen and artisans.
Today several manufacturers are mass producing
the parts out of wood and polymers, making the manufacturing process much more stream‐lined and more precise.
Today’s shutters are much higher quality and much less expensive than just 10 years ago.
At first glance, wood shutters and faux wood shutters look the same. However, upon further inspection, the true differences are revealed.

What are the Benefits of Real Wood Shutters?

Real wood shutters provide a wider range of stains and colors.
In stain colors they also tend to look more authentic.
There’s nothing quite like a beautifully finished shutter in a deep stain.

What are the benefits of Faux Wood Shutters?

Faux wood shutters are impervious to most environments including damp air and open windows. Faux wood shutters never need re‐finishing.
Alu Core Poly Shutters combine the rich look of wood with strength of advanced polymers.
More economical than genuine wood shutters, Alu Core Poly Shutters are resistant to:
moisture, scratching, chipping, warpage, fading and cracking.
They provide a life time of resilient beauty and the answer to Florida’s intense heat and humidity!
Specialty Shapes are available in AluCore Poly Shutters® from Gator Blinds®

How do I get the Best Finish?

The answer is rather odd.
It mostly depends on the country of origin.
If you order real wood, and it’s made in the US, you’re likely to get an
inferior finish due to EPA regulations on painting.

China build complete shutters it takes 8 -12 weeks.

We manufacture the shutters to the ordered size here in the US.
This cuts down delivery time to 2 – 3 weeks.

Our Alu Core Poly Shutters® always have superior finishes.

Products made in Mexico seem to have very poor workmanship and poor finishes.

Gator Blinds® offers an American product manufactured in Orlando FL,
called AluCore Poly Shutters® with 25 years limited warranty !

Always ask your shutter consultant
where your shutters are being manufactured.

Are the Hinges and Hardware Important?

a. Yes. There are several different types of hinges including different colors and sizes. There are also hidden hinges available from a few manufacturers and “Post Hinges” available from Italy. Stay away from the post hinges as they are very weak.
b. The magnets are important provided they work well. They come in many different styles, and the manufacturers like to tell you their magnets are better.
c. The staples on the tilt bar are vital. Most people seem to think the tilt bar is for opening and closing the shutter. It is not, it’s for tilting the vanes. Many people have experienced the staples coming out or breaking. Today’s shutter manufacturers use stainless steel staples made just for shutters. It’s very rare to see one break today.

What type of Frame should I use?

There are several different types of frames.
There are 3 basic categories. Deco, Z Frame and L frame.
Each comes in several different designs.
Since every window is different it’s up to your shutter consultant to help you
to determine which is best for your windows.
There are also special frames for sliding glass doors, bay windows and arch windows. Most manufacturers will offer a wide variety of frames.
Most popular is the Z frame. They make most any window look like a million bucks!

What about delivery times?

Shutters take some time to make.
Shutters that take 6‐10 weeks they come mostly from China.
US made shutters take mostly 4‐6 weeks.

Gator Blinds Shutters which are local take 2 weeks.

I Leave My Windows Open at Night, Is That OK?

Yes, if you buy a faux wood shutter.
Never leave a real wood shutter open to the night air.
It will prematurely age it, and the paint will peal.

How can I find a Certified Shutter Consultant?

Your local Certified Shutter Consultant is Gator Blinds®
Call (407) 462 – 7750 or Contact us

All discounted prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed.

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