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Top Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters – an expensive window treatment option! You are not alone. Many UK homeowners share the same view point. If just for being expensive, you want to look for other alternatives, just read on to know the various compelling reasons to choose plantation shutters over blinds or drapes.

Here are the compelling reasons worth your consideration:
• Aesthetics: if you look from decor perspective, nothing can beat the beauty of plantation shutters. They just fit into every decor and give a synchronised look throughout. Paint them white, or for a earthy look choose from the natural tones or stained ones. At Orlandoblindsandshutters, you will find louvers in multitude of stain and finish options.

• Privacy: Adjust your inner plantation shutters at an angle that you are able to see out, but no one can get to know what’s happening in. S, plantation shutters allow you to adjust the light control apart from privacy control as well.
• Ventilation: It’s not just privacy and light control, but plantation shutters can well help you get maximum ventilation and that too without comprising on your privacy. Mini blinds can do the same for you but when strong winds blow, the rattling sound they make cause uneasiness. So, shutters are a better choice.
• Durability: expensive, yes plantation shutters are. But you need not replace them after every few years unlike in many window treatments. So, you see the initial investment eventually pays off in long run. Moreover, they are ever in fashion.
• Easy to clean: since, the slats are much wider than mini blinds, they are easy to clean. A damp piece of cloth will wipe off all the dirt and dust. Moreover, you need not take them down to clean them.
• Energy efficient: Plantation shutters are an excellent insulator. During winters, they keep your room warm by offering an extra layer of insulation and well in summers, you can adjust your shutters to keep off the sunlight coming in your rooms.
• Child and pet safe: Plantation shutters do not come with any hassles of dangling cord which are so unsafe for homes with kids and pets. They are therefore a safe alternative to other window treatments.

Good looks, light and privacy control, energy efficient, easy to clean – these are a few reasons to consider installing plantation shutters at home. With plantation shutters in your home, your energy bills are low, your furniture and other furnishings enjoy long life – so being expensive aren’t plantation shutters are a good investment. Orlandoblindsandshutters will be your decor guide helping you choose the best window treatment for your space.

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