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What are the best window treatment for bay windows?

Bay windows are one of the most catching examples of specialty windows in Orlando homes. They give a fashionable and comfortable look to the room when you pair them with a good window treatment. 

It can be tough to choose window coverings for bay windows. Gator Blinds & Shutters Orlando will guide you through the considerations for bay windows. We will also show you the most popular window treatments for your Orlando home. 

Considerations for Bay windows

  1. Light and Privacy control – lot of light and heat can enter your room through a bay window. So, choose a window covering that allows you to control the temperature.
  2. Accentuate the bay window – A wrong window treatment may ruin the beauty and style of bay window. Instead choose a window treatment that accentuates your bay window.
  3. Visibility – Just like the light and privacy control, the window treatments should allow you control over how much others are able to see in and how you are able to see out. 

The best pick for your Orlando Bay windows

Cellular Shades – The reason why they are the first choice for bay windows is that they are modern, pocket friendly and available in different range of opacities and cell size to give you complete freedom. You can choose from top down or bottom up approaches to get a clear view while not compromising on light and privacy. Check out fixbodygroup.com for more.

Plantation Shutters – Just like Cellular shades, plantation shutters help homeowners accentuate the beauty of the bay windows while adding many benefits. They improve on cellular shades as they offer more control over light and privacy. You can consider them if budget is not a constraint as they are slightly expensive. 

Both these window treatments can be customized to your requirement, consult the experts at Gator Blinds & Shutters Orlando. 

 What not to choose for your bay windows?

  • Metal blinds – Such blinds curb the beauty of bay windows and are not good at controlling brightness and offering privacy.
  • Drapes – They also cover the charm of bay windows and mask their unique geometry. When you go with drapes, it can be “no or all” control over brightness. 

Give your bay windows the best window treatment, they truly deserve it!

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